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Quit tobacco on your terms with free support services from the Wyoming Quit Tobacco Program.

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Don’t worry. More quit attempts mean you have a better chance to succeed this time, and the Wyoming Quit Tobacco Program doubles your chances of quitting for good.

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You’ve tried going cold turkey before, and it’s always the same. You’re determined, you get frustrated, and then you give up and start using tobacco again.

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We understand nobody quits the same way. Our trained Quit Coaches work with you to make a customized quit plan that covers all the bases, and they’re dedicated to helping you see it through.

Need to talk? Our quit coaches are standing by, so call us and we’ll keep you on track.

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Quitting is hard, we get it

That’s why we’re committed to helping you make this attempt a success. Your personalized quit plan includes the option of free nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges that can help crush your cravings plus up to $500 toward the purchase of low-cost prescription medication.

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